Komatsu Welcomes The Best Ever Forklift Anti-Collision System with SharpEagle

Dubai, UAE, 2021-Nov-05 — /EPR Network/ — Prevention of all kinds of industrial truck accidents and fatal injuries at Komatsu has now been made easy with SharpEagle’s Forklift Anti-Collision system. This system has been battle-tested and has proved to improve security at the workplace for workers who handle material operations. The system also safeguards the work equipment and can revolutionize productivity creating a protective and safe work environment. 

Komatsu is a Dubai, UAE based company that aims at creating/ catering premium value products and services to industries. It organizes the latest technologies, skilled workforce, and high-tech equipment to get the job done at the industries in front-line across the globe. They have successfully served in construction, forestry, and mining industries and are a pioneer in the forklift sector. 

Industries can enhance their productivity and operations with Forklift for its high-end, premium performance, durability, and superior quality functionalities and there is no place better than Komatsu for it. Komatsu ensures that forklift engineering in the construction sector can provide utmost efficiency in productivity in the most secure environment. The machine helps in the reduction of operation inefficiency thereby reducing the daily operating cost. And for the effective functioning of a forklift, Komatsu needed a safe ecosystem, which has been granted by SharpEagle.

SharpEagle’s this system installation can prevent truck accidents in all industries of Komatsu by extending ultra-large warning automation. This will enhance the safety of equipment, workforce, and material handling. There will be a constant static monitoring zone that will keep a vigilant watch on all areas which are prone to accidents like the huge intersections at the traffic aisles. There will be yet another flexible mobile monitoring system that will safeguard as much as 50 ft of the area surrounding the vehicles in motion. 

The Director and Chief Spokesperson of SharpEagle recently revealed that,

This technology will give out a warning signal, every time any industrial cargo comes in dangerous proximity with any other vehicle or any worker on the floor. This anti-collision system shall give not only audio, visual warnings to the driver and the pedestrian of Komatsu but also shall send vibration alerts. 

The most amazing and unique feature of the system is the “creep system”. This technology can slow the vehicle, and even in certain cases stop the truck altogether to prevent a collision. The mobile monitoring of accident-prone areas of almost 25 meters around the moving truck is a huge step up in preventing accidents. This includes the distance between two vehicles or between a person and the vehicle.

Komatsu also got an additional advantage of customizing the vehicle zones flexibly. The customization has been done depending on the needs of the operation, in the form of symmetrical rectangles, any asymmetrical polygon, or even a circle.

The automation of the system is the best innovation in forklift safety, and SharpEagle has worked on it with the utmost diligence. The system will self-detect areas with material operating objects for Komatsu. There is also a provision of zone customization as has been mentioned earlier. There are two different proximity areas. Each represents various levels of danger and sends warning signals accordingly, triggering reactions within the system. 

The advantages of this Forklift Anti-Collision System that have been installed at Komatsu by SharpEagle goes here at a glance:

  • Safety and security in pedestrian zones
  • Protection in zones prone to hazards and accidents
  • Utmost flexibility and operator customization facility
  • Area customization for maximum protection
  • Greater security in handling materials and objects
  • A wide protection range of over 500 workers on the field
  • 25 meters of detection range for accident alerts 

On installation of this system in Komatsu’s forklift operation, it has also self-monitored and detected every other device installed into the system. The easy to configure zone for detection has a range of as much as 40-50 meters. The most loved benefit of this system has been the simplest implementation. The system as per our research has to lead to a reduction in accidents in industries with a huge forklift traffic volume. And the cherry on the cake, no device specification was needed for Komatsu. It is compatible with all types of devices. The durability and robust structure has given Komatsu a safe and efficient workforce. This safety assistant product is one of a kind. Komatsu has also been using it in areas of low visibility or unloading zones without any disturbances. The high-intensity forklift traffics zones of Komatsu have also been secured with SharpEagle’s this innovative, premium safety solution. 


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