EquityMatch.co hosts global Webinar on The Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences in the High-tech era

London, UK, 2022-Apr-06 — /EPR Network/ — A Panel Discussion on “The Future of Life Science & Healthcare in the High-Tech Era” was organized and led by the smart startup funding platform EquityMatch.co, which is based in the United Kingdom. The meeting was held on March 17, 2022, from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. GMT. The event was open to the public and free of charge, and it was held virtually on the Zoom platform.

The session featured a panel of notable investors and industry leaders and was composed of participants who included startup founders and others interested in the healthtech field. It was moderated by Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, the founder of ‘EquityMatch.co.’ He is an entrepreneur, venture investor, merchant banker, and executive. Furthermore, he is also the Founder and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory and has advised clients in the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology. Moreover, five prominent panelists came from all over the world to share their insights within their various fields of expertise. 

The session was enlightened by Dr. Pamela Walker who is a Healthcare Investment, Value Creation, and Strategy Expert with a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences and an Executive MBA both from the University of Oxford. Her experience includes drug development, strategy, and management consulting in the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Dr. Pamela emphasized the importance of technology in improving diagnoses, saying, “It’s about more refined patient population selection, remote participation in clinical trials, which has accelerated during the pandemic, which has been incredible and awesome, providing more effective analysis and exploration of the different endpoints.”

Alena Ivashenka was also a part of this valuable discussion. She is a Ph.D. holder with startup experience and is currently a Post-Doctoral researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is also a biology expert (Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Cancer Research) and has global work exposure and engagement with industry professionals in biology and life sciences. “With COVID, we are disregarding other diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s,” said Alena. Furthermore, she elaborated on the need for founders and investors to focus on varied research. 

Alessandro Monaco was also on the panel and presented the current state of the sector. Has an International Executive MBA from HEC (Paris, Berlin, and Singapore), a Ph.D. in Haematological Sciences, and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland. He has international experience in Pharmaceutical Policies, Regulatory Affairs, and Economic Strategies at the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA). Alessandro stated that “there was a halt on communicable illnesses and disinterest in non-communicable diseases.” He also elaborated on the significance of the investors to consider this as a crucial factor. 

Bruno Montanari also enlightened the session by presenting the importance of keeping in mind that innovation must be affordable. As a partner at Seroba Life Sciences, venture capital and investment banker, mostly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, he provides a plethora of knowledge and a strong network, notably in continental Europe, where he is based. “We must ensure that we can further democratize the need to keep in mind that innovation must be affordable. Because, at the end of the day, if healthcare advancements are limited to only the wealthy and well-insured, I believe we have all missed something here,” Mr. Bruno.  

Simon Turner also represented the discussion and spoke on the significance of leveraging healthtech to improve biotechnology. He was an individual who joined Sofinnova Partners after consulting for corporations looking to form alliances with digital health firms. He has worked closely with business development units and serves on the Steering Committee of the MedFIT conference. Simon said, “Life sciences, particularly healthcare, are poised to revolutionize in the coming years. There are massive windows and opportunities that we are finally able to harness and exploit, and they are maturing.”

Along with organizing similarly important discussions, EquityMatch.co takes great pride in assisting businesses in locating the best company-funding provider. It essentially advises new businesses on how to increase startup capital. The entire platform and process are intended to save the entrepreneur time and effort by eliminating the need for the entrepreneur to create a new business profile at each stage of the fundraising process, from seed funding through pre-IPO.

Visit EquityMatch.co’s social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and website www.equitymatch.co to interact with them and learn more about forthcoming webinars and events.

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