EquityMatch.co hosts a private Pitching session on The Healthcare Sector

London, UK, 2022-May-12 — /EPR Network/ — The United Kingdom-based, intuitive startup funding platform EquityMatch.co, successfully hosted the second session of the webinar series leading to the second private pitching session on “Health Sector.” The discussion was held on the 28th of March 2022 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. GMT. The event was free and accessible to the public, and it took place remotely on the zoom platform. 

The webinar focused on the topic of “The future of startups in the healthcare and healthtech industry” allowing startup founders to pitch and bring light to the ways how they bring a change to the industry. The session saw the participation of nine world-renowned founders and industry experts as panelists, and they succeeded in disseminating valuable knowledge to the participants. The session was moderated by the founder of ‘EquityMatch.co’ Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi. He is also an avid entrepreneur, venture capitalist, merchant banker, executive, and the Founder and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory, where he has advised clients in the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and tech, totaling transactions for over €100M, and fundraising over €50M.

Inna Burgstaller, founder of Bionabu was the first speaker at the event. She is a HealthTech, MedTech, BioTech entrepreneur, connector, and matchmaker. Ina is an individual with 15 years of experience in global clinical trial projects and vendor management in CRO, Pharma, and BioTech. She touched on an important aspect of the way the Bionabu platform helps HealthTech, MedTech, and BioTech companies to find the support and partners they need at every step of the journey, from bright ideas through to partnerships and M&A. She also elaborated on the advantage of using Bionabu. Inna added that “Our advantage is unique, and we are one of the first to market innovative open crowd-teaming solutions dedicated to innovation and healthcare.”

The session was followed by Rehan Huda, who is a Board Member of My Next Health Inc. He is also the CEO of Green Sky Labs, a technology incubation company, and has also structured numerous public offerings in Canada & the US as an investment banking advisor, founder, and board member. Rehan is also a former senior economist with the Canadian federal government. He shed light on the topic ‘My Next Health approach to genomics’. “With our unique insights we have discovered basically 200 unique relationships with genes and the environment, which we believe will determine human health in many, many cases and root causes for most inflammatory-related diseases,” said Rehan. 

Clara Biotech which is a platform purification technology enabling next-generation biotechnology was also represented at the discussion by Jim West. He has previously worked in consulting supporting the development of medical products from prototyping through manufacturing. He has also served as lead engineer on a laser therapy device and now is the CEO and Founder of Clara Biotech. Jim discussed how Clara Biotech is playing a role in this burgeoning industry by building a ground-breaking exosome isolation platform. He stated, “So the way our product works as a solution listener is through a selective high-quality isolation platform that’s able to isolate exosomes exclusively and will enable companies to get their products to market because they’re going to be able to manufacture a pure high-quality product for diagnostic purposes.”

Samit Biswas, CEO, and Founder of Hippo Mobility Transportation Services Ltd was also part of the panelists who added value to the discussion. “I believe most of us keep hearing that a blind person has been dropped in the wrong location by a taxi-hailing app or somebody has been refused transportation due to the size of their wheelchair,” said Samit. He also raised the importance of care safe mobility and how it is involved in bridging the gap between an ambulance and taxi services by providing technology-driven, dedicated, hygienic, and cost-effective transportation services for disabled people, elderly and non-emergency and cancer patients. 

Georgi Natchev was the fifth speaker who brought light to the topic of digital burnout therapy. He is a resourceful entrepreneur and is the CEO of the Dilgiburn app. During the discussion, he elaborated on the importance of the Diligiburn app which is a patient-centric and holistic approach to aid individuals in the context of burnout therapy. “Working on the world’s first personalized digital version of therapy over the last few years makes us special and what sets the therapy apart is the fact that it’s patient-centric,” said Georgi. 

The session also included Dr. Keith Tsui who is a medical doctor, a digital health entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of Medwise.ai. He discussed the need of empowering every healthcare professional to do their best work and provide better patient care, which was a hot topic. He stated, “Almost 70% of doctors google at least once a day for professional purposes and some of the questions are currently abandoned without the right information.” Further, he elaborated how Medwise.ai helps solve this problem by providing a customizable social platform that is specifically designed for healthcare professionals to find information when they are in clinics and hospitals. 

Roseanna Jaggard was also part of this valuable discussion and emphasized the importance of improving clinical communications to elevate patient care. She is an experienced Managing Director with a successful track record in Real Estate, People Development, and most recently delivering IT solutions. She is also the CEO of RMJ Clinical, which focuses on applying technology to support efficiency in the healthcare sector. During the session, she spoke about how DocComs is a secure medical communications app with bespoke clinical functionality to improve patient care. “That means that we are going to empower our workers on medical boards to be able to use tools that they always carry, relevant to speed up and improve quality,” Roseanna stated. 

Moshe Lebowitz was also able to add value to the session by speaking of recovery rehabilitation. He is the CEO and Founder of Healables. He elaborated on how recovery rehabilitation requires treating the mind and body together. “Healables do this by releasing pain, accelerating healing, and reducing inflammation without medication,” said Moshe. He further elaborated on how it is done by treating clothing instead of drugs. 

Lastly, the session also included Les Lindsay who is the President of EMEA – KIFFIK Biomedical Europe Limited. He spoke on the importance of Interstitial Fluid for diagnostic purposes and the technology related to it. “Our initial product will be continuous glucose monitoring,” said Lindsay by emphasizing the product designed by KIFFIK Biomedical for this purpose. 

EquityMatch.co takes pride in assisting businesses in locating the best company-funding provider. It is similar to this panel discussion in that it essentially advises new businesses on how to increase startup capital. EquityMatch.co has scheduled similar sessions for startups in the year 2022. Additionally, to the webinars, participants also get an opportunity to learn how to get free membership to the EquityMatch.co platform which will provide them access to investors directly and other marketing and promoting opportunities, among other benefits. 

To get connected and learn more about future webinars and events on EquityMatch.co visit their social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and website www.equitymatch.co.

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