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Delhi, India, 2023-May-17 — /EPR Network/ — Trinity Institute of Innovations in professional studies ( TIIPS) is going to s start a new course which is cs computer Science and computer security executive. For those who are willing to pursue their career.

What is Computer Science

Cs is divided into two programs that are computer science and computer security executive programs. Both programs are associated with professionalism. Both programs have a different concept. Firstly, students learn the difference between computer science and computer security programs.

Computer science is a course which is related to computers. Students will learn about electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists who oversee computer software. Computer science mainly focuses on artificial intelligence, computer system, network security, database system, human-computer interaction, the vision of graphics, etc.

Facts about Computer Science

First, we have to read how many years is this program. Mainly the Bachelor of Computer is a three-year program but If the student is pursuing Cs through B-tech there is the student has to spend four years.

How Many Semesters Are There

If a person pursuing their education over three years so student has to give 6 semesters and on the other hand, if a student is pursuing their education over 4 years so they have to give eight semesters. Subjects change according to the semester whether it is a four-year course or a three-year course.

Subjects of Computer Science


  1. Introduction to Digital Electronics
  2. Basic computer science
  3. Environmental science
  4. A fundamental course in mathematics
  5. Functional English


  1. Front office management
  2. Discrete Mathematics
  3. Computer organization
  4. Fundamental of open source software – Linux
  5. Value and ethics


  1. Object Oriented Programming using C++
  2. Operating Systems Concepts
  3. Introduction to Data Structures
  4. System Analysis and Design
  5. Technical Writing
  6. Analytical Skill Development – I


  1. Database Management Systems
  2. Introduction to Computer Network
  3. Numerical Analysis
  4. System Programming
  5. Report Writing
  6. Analytical Skill Development – II


  1. Python Programming
  2. Introduction to Software Engineering
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. Personality Development Programme
  5. Mini Project


  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Computer graphic
  3. Information security
  4. Data mining
  5. Advanced algorithms

Computer security is one of the courses where students learn about how to install security programs such as passwords in mobiles etc. It online professional program. It is related to the engineers but those who helped in installing security in mobiles, phones, etc. This is the program that is done with B-tech. This program is known as Cs b-tech. Let’s take a brief look at the computer executive security program ( cs)

What is the Computer Security Executive Program

It is an online degree program. In this students will learn how to install a security network in software, and how to design any software application. It is related to engineering it is a four-year program and has eight semesters. In this program, only students pursue their cs through B-tech. It mainly focused on the security of software and electronic devices. It is also a professional bachelor’s degree.

Facts about Computer Security Executive

In this technological skills are required some of them are:-

  • Technological skills
  • Communication skills
  • Engineering skills
  • Software learning and designing ability

Subjects of Computer Security Executive


  1. Web technologies
  2. Mechanics
  3. Communication skills
  4. Introduction to computer science and programming in Python
  5. Management thoughts and application
  6. Web technologies lab
  7. Mechanics Lab


  1. Number theory
  2. Environmental studies
  3. Cyberspace and law
  4. Open elective
  5. Object-oriented programming
  6. Object-oriented programming
  7. Linux environmental lab


  1. Introduction to cyber security
  2. Computer networks
  3. Operating systems
  4. Data structure
  5. Probably and statics
  6. Disaster management
  7. Introduction to cyber security lab
  8. Operating system lab
  9. Computer networks lab
  10. Probability and statistic lab


  1. Database management system
  2. Analyse and design algorithms
  3. Network security and stenographic
  4. Cryptography
  5. Artificial intelligence
  6. Database management systems lab
  7. Analysis and design of Algorithms lab
  8. Network security and stenography labs


  1. Foundation of computersstem
  2. Cyber forensics
  3. Programming in MATLAB
  4. Programming in MAT-LAB
  5. Cyber forensic lab
  6. DSE-1
  7. DSE-1lab
  8. DSE-2
  9. DSE-2 lab

Semester 6

  1. Intrusion detection and prevention system
  2. Blockchains
  3. Software engineering
  4. Computer organization and architecture
  5. Computer organization and architecture -lab
  6. Blockchains- labs
  7. DSE-3
  8. DSE-3- lab
  9. Major projects


  1. Web technologies
  2. Security architecture
  3. Comprehensive
  4. Elective4
  5. Major ptoject1
  6. Open elective3


  1. Risk management
  2. Elective5
  3. Elective6
  4. Major project2
  5. Open Elective 4

Hence here you read about the difference between both programs. Trinity is the best college for your career. They provide knowledgeable faculties and cooperative staff. This is the best opportunity for students for pursuing Cs

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