Vancouver Film School alumni blend Anti-Bullying and Greek Myths in a short film

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Vancouver, BC, 2016-May-17 — /EPR Network/ — For their first short film after graduating from the Vancouver Film School, alumni are tackling a script about growing into your emotions and coping with bullies. The film stars local kids as Greek heroes and transforms a playground into an epic battlefield with marshmallow arrows, cotton candy spears, and jello attacks.

Alex is an angry, frustrated kid who lives with his dad, Paul, in a typical, suburban neighborhood. But Alex doesn’t feel normal. He’s mad all the time and doesn’t understand why or how to communicate his feelings. Alex’s one joy in life is his bicycle. On this sunny summer morning, Alex is about to start a new
adventure with his bike. The smallest epic ever told, Little Achilles.

When the local bully, George, steals his bike and humiliates Alex at the playground, Alex runs home and retreats into his own world. To reach his struggling son, Alex’s dad Paul reads him the epic story of Achilles
before bed. Alex begins to envision the battle of Troy played out by all the kids from the playground. His imagination casts himself as Achilles and George as Agamemnon. The different warring factions wear colourful cardboard armor, fight with foam weapons, and shoot animated, burning marshmallow- capped arrows.

But is there any way to capture Troy? And if there is, how does that help Alex to get his bike back?

Little Achilles is a short film that uses the epic tales of legendary heroes
to relate a modern story about playground dynamics and bullying.
This family drama, full of adventure and heart, shoots summer 2016!

For more information please visit our indiegogo crowdfunding page: https://igg.me/at/little-achilles

Or find additional pictures and press material right here: http://bit.ly/1WmhyVU

Contact- Sebastian Jansen
Phone- +1(778)318 6766
Email- info@little-achilles.com
Website- https://igg.me/at/little-achilles

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