Luisa Pretolani’s “Mandy’s Choice” tops  250.000 views.

While she is working on her new and challenging project The Glove, her ITV documentary “Mandy’s Choice” is reaching towards the 300k views.

LONDON, UK, 2017-Dec-04 — /EPR Network/ — Having My Dead Husband’s Baby: Mandy’s Choice 

A moving and unflinching documentary following the consequences and challenges faced by a young woman’s choice to have her husband’s child 6 months after his death.

ITV Global Documentary “Having My Dead Husband’s Baby: Mandy’s Choice” by Luisa Pretolani hits and overtakes 250.000 views. (

A controversial story, this is to date the only documentary made about this increasingly topical issue: do we have the right to conceive our partners’ children after their death?

Mandy, finds herself widowed at the young age of 23, but she is resolute to have a child. After a very long search to find a doctor who would agree to do this procedure, she can finally have her dead husband’s child.

The documentary follows the incredible challenges, practical and emotional, that Mandy and her family go through to see their most heartfelt desires come to fruition, until the end, when, on a cold winter morning after a long and painful wait, a new bond of love is born, stronger than death.

It was a privilege and a unique experience to live on and off with Mandy and her family for almost a year. I felt very honoured to be given this exclusive and intimate access. 

Mandy shared her worries and her hopes with us and enabled us to tell the story as it unfolded in front of our eyes.” Says director Luisa Pretolani.

Passionate about social issues and unique, intimate human stories, Luisa Pretolani is now working on her new project: The Glove.

The short film, set in the ‘50s in London, is now in pre-production and will explore love and conflict through the eyes of an autistic child, Josh, played by the young, but already experienced actor Alex Marriott, (“Oliver!” and “Bugsy Malone”).

“I really look forward to working on The Glove. I am extremely excited to be given the opportunity to direct such a great cast and collaborate with an extraordinary crew of artists.” Says Pretolani.

More than ten years ago a friend told me a story: when he was nine, he had found another womans glove in the back of the family car whilst travelling with his parents. Discovering that glove meant a possible threat to his family’s unionThe Glove is a story about how a child sees the world, how secrets kept in families can cause irreparable damage. As the story unfolds, an even darker sub-plot is revealed by the numbers tattooed on Miriam’s arm, Josh’s mum. As in my previous work “The Lift”, here too I collaborated with writer Mark Clementson. I find working with Mark very inspiring, we complement each other very well.“ (Luisa Pretolani)

Main photography for The Glove will start in April 2018 with an extraordinary cast: Tony Hirst (Hollyoaks, Coronation Street), Kate Isitt (Coupling, Is It Legal), Birgitta Bernhard (Made in Dagenham, Crime and Punishment), Alex Marriott (Oliver!, Bugsy Malone) and Heather Clementson ( Alright, The Next Stop Is Happiness, The Lift).

River Crossing Productions has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on to support The Glove, that in only a few hours has already raised 40% of the budget needed. (

The campaign has been promoted also by an interactive and captivating on line competition aiming to create a great awareness around the film and

fuel a dedicated and supportive fan team: “The Glove pre-production experience” ( )



River Crossing is a new production company founded by veteran feature films, shorts and documentaries director Luisa Pretolani. Its mission is to bring to life inspiring stories about social and human issues.





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