Magnetic Induction Heating Devices Market Forecast Report by Manufacturing Process Type, by Components, by Power Rating, by Regional Demand, by Production, Reviewed till 2027

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Rockville, US, 2018-Aug-09 — /EPR Network/ — The magnetic induction heating devices market is expected to witness a stellar growth on the backdrop of growing popularity of the technique for heating and cleaning applications in multiple industries, in particular, automotive industry. Magnetic induction heating devices are used for a variety of applications in the automotive industry such as bonding, brazing, hardening, preheating, postheating, and straightening of various objects of automobiles including electric motors, air-conditioning systems, brake linings, fuel tank injection pipes, engine, suspension parts, and gear wheel among others.

Apart from the aforementioned applications, magnetic induction heating devices are also used in the manufacturing of bulldozers, spacecraft, faucets and sealing plastic lids on pharmaceutical bottles. With the growing focus on the use of sustainable energy sources, use of magnetic induction heating devices is gaining traction because the heating technology is clean and require no fossil fuels. Further, as the technology provides induction heating in the form of an invisible magnetic field, heating can be achieved without any mess or contamination of the work piece.

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As manufacturers in the magnetic induction heating devices market are focusing on the delivery of innovative and consumer-specific heating solutions, it is estimated to progress at a steady pace during the forecast period. However, increasing demand for custom-made magnetic induction heating devices presents challenges to manufacturers in terms of a number of factors involved in the production of every custom-made magnetic induction heating devices such as variable current flow, required specific temperature, and different functioning environments.

Magnetic Induction Heating Devices: Introduction

Now a days, induction heating technology is a choice of many domestic, medical and industrial applications owing to their advantages in heating, cleanness, and efficiency name a few more. This technology have gain much more importance as compare to traditional process such as resistance heating, flame heating, traditional ovens/furnaces. Owing to all this factors, the demand for magnetic induction heating devices is increasing day by day. Magnetic induction is the process of heating electrically conducting object such as metals by electromagnetic induction where heat is generated through eddy currents. These heater contains electromagnet that passes high frequency AC through electromagnet.

Induction annealing to selectively soften an area of a steel part, induction soldering/brazing as a means of joining metal components and induction hardening of steel parts and are some most common application for induction heating. In many household, induction heating have become energy efficient and useful method of cooking food. It is considered to be one of the most efficient innovative and technologically advanced device. Also, this technology is very safe for indoor and outdoor applications. Also, the biggest reason for the popularity of magnetic induction heating devices is the speed. It cooks faster owing to its heat directly cookware and pot. Most of the professional chefs prefer induction cooking over gas cooking. Moreover, induction heating are used in many process such as furnace, welding, brazing, sealing, plastic treatment to name a few.

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Magnetic Induction Heating Devices: Dynamics

The growing use of induction heating in domestic as well as in medical application are spurring the demand for magnetic induction heating devices market. Moreover, industrialization in emerging economies and introduction of induction process in injection molding machines are driving demand for magnetic induction heating devices market. However, advances in key technologies of magnetic components designs are rising the demand for magnetic induction devices.

Magnetic Induction Heating Devices: Trend/ Regional Outlook

Now a days, magnetic induction heating devices are getting high demand from medical industry owing to their increasing application in medical surgical equipment. Also, with the decreasing natural resources worldwide the companies are more and more inclining towards electric equipment for better efficiency and cost.  Moreover, induction heating is particular useful where highly repetitive operations are performed and have the ability to work to heat only a small portion of a work piece where there is no need to heat whole part. Furthermore, magnetic induction heating devices are gaining popularity in domestic use such as in cooking. As, most of the people prefer induction cooking over gas cooking owing to the factors such as its saves time and energy. More and more restaurant are opening who prefer induction cooking. Also, magnetic materials improve the induction heat process due to hysteresis. Hysteresis heating occurs below the curie temperature where materials retain their magnetic properties

This technology is already popular in many countries of Europe and North America. Slowly and gradually it is gaining popularity in Asia-Pacific too owing to people are getting benefited from induction heating. Also the falling prices coupled with ever growing consumer awareness increase the demand for induction heating.

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