Brick Carton Packaging Market, Latest Industry Trends, Trades, Supply, Demand, Prospects by 2028

Innovations in the packaging industry continues to be centered on lowering the transportation and direct product costs. Currently, brick carton packaging market is clearly dominated by paperboard material where cartons’ lightweight enables easier transport, in turn, saving significant investment in outbound distribution. The compact and stackable brick carton packaging enables the retailers to achieve faster shelf replacement, efficient use of retail shelf space and minimum waste handling. Further, the smart shapes of the brick carton packaging aid in efficient palletization by enabling stacking of a higher number of cartons in warehouses. The penetration of smart brick carton packaging is likely to witness an increase over the course of the assessment period.

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To increase shelf visibility and overall sales, manufacturers are using the ‘billboard effect’ to maximize their shelf appeal. As major purchase decisions are made in store, maximizing shelf impact directly influences overall sales. Brand names on all sides of brick carton packaging with high-quality printing assists manufacturers in the achieving the billboard effect. In addition, digital printing is gaining traction in the brick carton packaging industry as attractive color patterns and different finishes assist brand owners in capturing higher consumer traction as compared to analog processes.

Brick Carton Packaging Market Players Invest in Equipment Innovations to Expand Production Efficacy

Substantial demand for brick carton packaging has encouraged equipment innovations to enhance the speed and overall output of the packaging. The versatility of packaging equipment has assisted manufacturers to accommodate the demand for a wide variety of shapes and closure types available in the brick carton packaging market. Equipment innovations such as automation, user-friendly human-machine interphase (HMI), toolless equipment, self-learning, self-monitoring and robotics have, in turn, increased the precision, speed and overall production.

Aseptic Packaging to Take Centerstage in the Brick Carton Packaging Market

As time-pressed consumers seek more and more ready-to-eat food, packaging manufacturers are bemused by challenges to store perishables, particularly dairy products and juices. Growing demand for packaging solutions with longer shelf life and advances in aseptic packaging is likely to encourage stakeholders in the brick carton packaging market to enter the aseptic packaging landscape. According to the International Dispensing Corporation (IDC), about 50% of the global food and beverage expenditure is consumer away from home where demand for aseptic packaging is increasing. IDC has recently announced the formation of the Alliance for Aseptic Foodservice (AAF), which is targeted at increasing the penetration of aseptic packaging in the foodservice industry. AAF will combine advanced aseptic technologies in food packaging, particularly bottles and brick carton packaging where size and structural limitations confine penetration of aseptic solutions.

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Major stakeholders in the brick carton packaging market such as Tetra Pak and EloPak offer aseptic packaging solutions in the brick carton packaging category. Recently, Uflex, a leader in flexible packaging has entered the aseptic liquid packaging market.

Analyze Unmet Consumer Requirement & Launch Customized Offerings – The Mantra for Market Players

The food & beverage industry, along with the packaging industry, is massively influenced by even subtle transformations in consumer lifestyle. The next decade is likely to be dominated by unprecedented emphasis on customized health and wellness products. While on-the-go packaging continues to trend, time-pressed consumers now have a holistic view of the convenience and health. In addition, unique and personalized brick carton packaging as per single or in-house usage is also gaining traction among the modern consumers. Acutely aware of these evolving consumer trends, beverage producers are introducing novel brick carton packaging solutions to win over the competition in the brick carton packaging market.

Sustainability continues to be one of the key focus areas for brick carton packaging market players. For instance, Tetra Pak, a leading provider of brick carton packaging solutions has recently received the highest class of certification from Vinçotte, the world-recognized assessment body, for its brick carton packaging solution of Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Edge with Bio-based LightCap™ 30 in the sustainable packaging category. In 2017, Elopak launched sustainable brick carton packaging solutions made from an unbleached board- Naturally Pure-Pak® for organic milk in Finland. Amcor, another leader in the brick carton packaging market received a Silver Award honor for its easy-opening, flexible PushPop® pouch for Mentos which has significantly reduced supply chain costs, improved packaging consistency and lowered its carbon footprints. Definition

Brick carton packaging is either square or rectangular in shape and is made of aluminium, paperboard or low-density polyethene. Brick carton packaging is available in a range of sizes and with or without closure. Brick carton packaging usually presents benefits such as longer shelf life, storage convenience and maximum functionality over other packaging solutions.


An exhaustive discussion on the market taxonomy of brick carton packaging market is mentioned in the segmentation section. Individual market segments of brick carton packaging market and their outlook during the forecast period is thoroughly discussed. The brick carton packaging market is categorized based on material type, thickness, packaging structure, capacity, end use and region. The regional analysis of seven regions and an exhaustive country-wise analysis is provided in the brick carton packaging market report.

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