Punchy Sound: EMPHASER’s Fiat Ducato Speaker EM-FTF2

EMPHASER"s new component speaker system gets 'Best Product' rating from the German Car & HiFi magazine (02/22) and is recommended as a "great upgrade for the Ducato".

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2022-Feb-14 — /EPR Network/ — Do I really want to go on vacation again with poor sound? This question is posed by many Fiat Ducato owners unhappy with the sound of their OEM system in the front doors – regardless of whether they drive a Ducato III type 250/251 or the new Series 8. The easiest way to improve the sound is to change the speakers – yet because of the special fitting of the woofers on the door panel and the three-point mount, normal component systems often cannot be fitted into the Ducato.

A speaker optimally matched for the Ducato not only on the installation side but also sonically can now be found in the product range of the car audio specialist EMPHASER (http://www.emphaser.com/) with the EM-FTF2. The German Car & HiFi magazine (02/22) has now thoroughly checked out the system in a stand alone test and their verdict is enthusiastic: “With the EM-FTF2 we see that EMPHASER has come up with a highly rewarding speaker system for Ducato & Co. that really does the job with plug & play installation and a punchy sound”, explain the tech journalists, awarding the component system the ‘Best Product’ accolade.

An optimal solution for accurately fitting the woofer and tweeter has been found say Car & HiFi, so that the system is very easy to install: “Simply unplug the original vehicle speakers and put the EMPHASERs in – done”, report the testers. “That works in all Ducato III from 2006 onwards, and also in the identically constructed Jumper and Boxer from France.”

The woofer of the EM-FTF2 impresses the tech journalists with its injection molded basket designed specifically for the Ducato, as did the smart construction of the tweeter: “In the case of the tweeter EMPHASER has taken pains to make it as compact as possible so that it can be fitted effortlessly in the original position. To achieve this, a small 19-mm woven fabric dome is used. Thanks to the resonance chamber, which gives it a helping hand at the lower end of the frequency response, it is more than equal to a 25-mm dome.”

That the EM-FTF2 is thoroughly convincing in the test lab is also due to the clever design of the crossover, say Car & HiFi. The high frequency branch sits in the connection cable of the tweeter, while the low frequency branch is fitted to the basket of the 16 cm speaker. “Here we find a clever circuit with a 12 dB low pass filter, that nevertheless has a damped bypass for higher frequencies”, explain the testers. But that”s not all: “In addition there is a blocking circuit that works like a passive equalizer and pulls down the frequency response of the mid/woofer around 1 kHz by approx. 6 dB. (…) The blocking circuit is used to compensate for a frequency hump of the Ducato acoustics so that the frequency response curve is flat.”

In the sound check the Fiat speaker then really shows its superiority: “The way the FTF2 plays is lively and detail-rich. The aluminum 16 cm speaker delivers a punch in the lows, and also succeeds in the mid range with the necessary corners and edges” is the enthusiastic response about the performance from the testers. “The new 19 mm tweeter is a stunner, delivering beautiful, silky details, though it can also let acoustic sparks fly when required. This is accompanied by a spatiality that is pleasing, so everything is as it should be.”

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