Aroma Bravo Suggests Making Cold Brew Coffee This Coming Summer

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CARSON CITY, NV, U.S.A., 2017-May-24 — /EPR Network/ — With summer just less than a month away, avid coffee drinkers are now looking for ways to enjoy their favorite hot beverage in a much cooler temperature. Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea highly recommends cold brew coffee to help coffee lovers cool down this coming summer.

“Cold brew coffee is by far the best option for coffee aficionados. You can get it at your local cafés or better yet, make them yourself at home so you can save more money. Cold brew coffee is super easy and only requires some basic equipment,” said an Aroma Bravo representative.

Creating a proper cold brew coffee at home simple requires a container, a strainer, some cold filtered water and freshly ground coffee beans. The recommended coffee-to-water ratio is 1:8, but it can be adjusted to fit the drinker’s personal preference.

“Whatever ratio you end up using, always remember to grind your beans on a coarse setting. Coarse coffee grounds are most ideal for cold brewing, that’s why we grind our own Honduras coffee beans that way,” the representative remarked. “It also helps to use premium whole coffee beans for better flavor.”

After coarsely grinding the beans, simply place them in the container and pour in the cold water. Leave the infusion for 12 hours to give it enough time to brew.

“Cold brew coffee is actually very easy to make but it does take some time. It’s best to make it in the evening so that it will be ready first thing in the morning. Once your coffee concentrate is done, just pour it over a strainer to get rid of the unnecessary coffee grounds and voilà—your cold brew coffee is finished! Add some milk and sugar if you want, and enjoy it for the rest of the day,” the Aroma Bravo representative advised.

A batch of cold brew coffee can last for more than a month if properly kept in the refrigerator. The Aroma Bravo representative also suggests continuously brewing batches to get an unlimited supply of cold brew coffee this summer season.

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