Author Jack H.M. Wong Revealed Three Key Lessons Learned from Tony Robbin’s #MeToo Remarks

‘Cracking the Entrepreneur Code’ author Jack H.M. Wong examines recent incident and discusses three takeaways for entrepreneurs and business owners.

SINGAPORE, 2018-Apr-18 — /EPR Network/ — Author Jack H.M. Wong viewed the same video that hundreds of thousands of others have seen, which depicts motivational speaker, Mr. Tony Robbins making remarks in one of his recent multi-day seminars called “Unleash the Power Within” about some women using the #MeToo movement to gain “significance” through “victimhood”. As an entrepreneur from Singapore, Wong advises many other startups and small businesses. From his point of view, this incident from Robbins’ remarks offers three valuable lessons.

First of all, this incident teaches an important lesson on brand influence and loyalty. Celebrities such as Robbins who had trained millions of the people around of the world have obviously built a large group of global followers over time. Brand influence and loyalty takes time to build and at the same time, is quite fragile. One remark by Robbins which is arguably solely based on his own point of view has given rise to an impairment of his brand because some ladies who are supporting the #MeToo movement were not impressed with his remarks. Think about their own businesses, entrepreneurs who have spent a lot of time and effort to create their own brand should be mindful of brand influence and loyalty and they need to be extremely cautious with and sensitive to what they say to their customers. After all, you need just one needle to pop the balloon!

Secondly, Wong points out that entrepreneurs must understand the viral effect created by social media.  In such a short period of time, social media delivered the video to potentially hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Wong often says, “One bad move in my business could be widely reported on social media by someone I don’t even know.” Wong also emphasizes that entrepreneurs should learn to accept reviews and feedback on social media so that they can make changes as needed. Lastly, entrepreneurs should remain humble and listen to the feedback and suggestions, doing whatever they can to make experiences better for their clients.

Lastly, Wong reminds the entrepreneurs to take action to fix a broken agreement as soon as possible.  Robbins offered an apology one week after his remarks. Of course, the question is whether he should do it immediately or he should do something differently. Whatever Robbins does, given his celebrity status, he would not be able to please every person. However, the key lesson is Having said that, Wong says, “My coach, Blair Singer, Rich Dad Adviser for Robert Kiyosaki, taught me that when an agreement is broken, fix it as soon as possible.” In Robbins’ incident, he took responsibility by offering an apology for the remarks he made. No doubt the damage has been done. Entrepreneurs should acknowledge the fact that they can’t change the history and thus, they should take ownership and full responsibility by fixing the problem.

Wong says that entrepreneurs should learn from their mistakes and apply those lessons going forward. As a coach and mentor, Wong is proud to help others enhance their businesses. More information can be found at


About Jack H.M. Wong

Jack H. M. Wong is a serial entrepreneur and an international speaker. In addition, he is a Licensed Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming® (endorsed by Dr. Richard Bandler, the Founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a Certified Trainer, Leader and Coach of Blair Singer Training Academy. His background in business, accounting, law and international taxation gives him a solid foundation to approach a variety of business topics and to provide his clients with consulting and education services in the areas of business development, taxation, entrepreneurship, sales and several personal development topics such as Champion-Goal Setting Process and Little Voice Mastery Techniques.


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