Singapore Content Marketer John Teoh Says AI in Digital Marketing is The Way Forward

Singapore, 2021-Aug-10 — /EPR Network/ — Digital marketing is silently undergoing a profound change that promises to revolutionize its capabilities. Says, leading Singapore content marketing specilaist, John Teoh, “ This is premised on the fact that artificial intelligence technology that allows one to gather data, analyze it, put it to effective use and actually learn from it giving a digital marketer an incremental tool of success. The fact that ever newer advances are made in artificial intelligence allows one to hone one’s digital marketing strategy in a manner that wasn’t possible earlier and get it to deliver results in unprecedented ways.”

Amazon has led the way in leveraging AI for results. It deploys it with great success to showcase just the kind of products that a consumer is thinking of purchasing at a given moment. This insight is obtained by AI technology analyzing the customer’s previous online searches and search patterns. By recognizing and effectively analyzing data AI helps a business’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to optimize the process of the collection of information about the customer and extracting the right kind of relevant information from it.

AI helps obtain the maximum possible user information across platforms to obtain incisive insights about the target market and thereby accurately identify users’ needs so that businesses can determine the most relevant marketing strategy. In this behavioral information is the driver of the AI analysis. All of the collected data that one has can be leveraged by marketers with the help of artificial intelligence to analyze a prospect’s needs and thereby find a way to increase one’s sales.

Furthermore, AI can be combined with other emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This leads to an all new consumption experience. It allows marketers to provide their prospects with novel ways of interacting with the brand in question and thereby forge a strong bond with them leading to an enhanced sense of loyalty on the part of the latter.

Then there is the whole new concept of AI bots. This is based on AI semantic recognition and incorporates elements of language processing and voice conversion technology. This results in a much enhanced customer experience with the help of chatbots.

AI also helps in enhancing and augmenting email marketing by personalizing campaigns by leveraging precise knowledge about customer behaviors. It enables marketers to send across emails to customer in boxes incorporating subject lines and core messaging based on customer behavior. AI helps marketers reach out to prospects and consumers at just the right time with just the right kind of messaging. It also enables better analysis pertaining to the types of messages, subject lines to be deployed and the optimal designs and images to be deployed.

Digital advertising too can leverage artificial intelligence to obtain the best possible results across social media platforms. This is done by analyzing user information to create the most relevant digital ads and thereby optimize their impact.

Furthermore AI helps improve the performance of content marketing by helping a marketer better understand as to what kind of content suits their target audience the best enabling them to get the most out of their targeted messaging.

Says Teoh, “AI has found a hugely important role for itself in digital marketing helping everything from pay per click advertising and customized websites to content creation and consumer behaviour analysis perform way more efficiently than before. It is not surprising therefore than a majority of marketers are planning to deploy AI as an integral part of their digital marketing strategies.”

This is where the expertise Teoh can be of a lot of help to businesses operating in the Asia-Pacific region. His expertise across industries can be leveraged by businesses big and small to enhance their bottomline.

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