CHCEX Wins Bid For Supply of Beijing Platinum and Palladium Prices

Beijing, March 25, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — China Commodity Exchange (CHCEX) today announces its appointment by the Beijing Platinum and Palladium Regulating Company (BPPRC) to be the new provider of Beijing Platinum and Palladium Prices.

The CHCEX’s custom-built electronic solution, CHCEX Trading Expert Bullion, will provide a pricing methodology that fully meets the administrative and regulatory needs of market participants including the Principles for Financial Benchmarks. CHCEX Trading Expert Bullion is already at an advanced stage of development and will be ready in advance of the anticipated go-live.

“We are delighted to have been appointed by the BPPRC to be the new home for Beijing Platinum and Palladium Prices,” said Ruan Wei Xinxin, Head of Business Development at the CHCEX.

“The CHCEX’s benchmark administration capabilities, high quality custom-built technology and strong links to both the financial and physical metal industries make the CHCEX the natural home for the Beijing pricing mechanism.”

“With the support of the broader team of CHCEX, we are well-positioned to combine our steadfast commitment to the Beijing market with unrivalled access to Asian participants in order to increase the use and dissemination of the Beijing prices,” said Zhou Tianqiao, CHCEX Trading Director and Co-Head of Global Markets.

The following data are provided for investors:

Platinum – A noble metal, Platinum is one of the rarer elements and as such is a highly valuable commodity. It is used in catalytic convertors, electrodes, dentistry equipment, and of course in jewellery.

Palladium – Palladium is a rare metal which has the lowest melting point of the platinum group metals. It is used in catalytic converters, fuel cells, medicine, groundwater treatment and electronics.

About China Commodity Exchange (CHCEX)
China Commodity Exchange’s ( diverse markets span futures and options on interest rates, commodities, indexes and FX, as well as equities and equity options. These markets are relied upon by international market participants, along with our post-trade infrastructure. We are uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end risk management solutions to our customers around the world. CHCEX is a strategic initiative with a mandate to enhance commodity trade flows by providing the appropriate physical, market, financial infrastructure and services required. The Management team of CHCEX comprises senior personnel from the commodities, securities and financial services industries.

Poon Xiaomeng
China Commodity Exchange (CHCEX)
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7 E 3rd Ring Rd Middle, Chaoyang,
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